Modul Condensatori Standard 1/10 pentru regulatoarele Hobbywing 86030030 Accesorii ESC - Regulatoare
Modulul standard de condensatori folosit la utilizarea regulatoarelor pentru clasa 1/10 de la Hobbywing
28,00 RON
Modul Condensator Electric ( Capacitor) Nonpolarity ESC 30840005 Accesorii ESC - Regulatoare
This capacitor module (/cappack) is for “upgrading” your car ESC. With this cappack, the start-up acceleration of your vehicle will be greatly improved. Besides, the great ripple current endurance...
95,00 RON
Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro G2 160A-2S Regulatoare - ESC - Automodele
eatures: Upgraded 32-bit M4 microprocessor with more powerful processing capability guarantees stable control and rapid response. (Industry's highest 32-bit microprocessor, increased processing...
998,00 RON
Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro 1S Regulatoare - ESC - Automodele
Regulatoare de tensiune (ESC) dedicate automodelelor de competitie Aceste regulatoare ofera performante deosebite pentru utilizatori.
950,00 RON
Hobbywing Wifi Express for Xerun, Ezrun and Platinum 30503000 Accesorii ESC - Regulatoare
HOBBYWING WiFi Express module (patent pending) allows you to transfer data between your ESC and your smart device (iPhone, Android phone, tablet, and etc). Features / Why you need this? ...
245,00 RON