Associated Electrics has been in the forefront of hobby-car racing since 1965. From its humble beginnings with a few slot-car parts to today, Associated Electrics has grown to designing and shipping thousands of radio-control cars and parts to hobby shops around the world.

Associated Electrics is the industry leader in race-level competition vehicles in a variety of sizes, ranging from diminutive 1:18 scale to serious nitro-thundering 1:8 scale machines. Our vehicles ride on road and off road, and are powered by electric motors and nitro engines. Our race-winning offerings include buggies, touring cars, monster trucks, and realistic-looking Short Course trucks.

Associated Electrics manages an in-house staff to research and develop our own race-related radio-control car products. Our talented engineers - many accomplished racers themselves - bring their years of solid racing experience to design cars that will compete at the highest levels of competition.

Associated Electrics fields a worldwide race team of unparalleled talent. Our stable of drivers are responsible for the many championship-caliber awards amassed since our first products in the early 1970s. We race what we sell. And we win big!

Associated Electrics creates its own packaging, manuals, and catalogs with its experienced in-house design department. A dedicated staff continually updates the web site at and the online store right here in our Lake Forest office building. The in-house shipping department fulfills orders and ships products worldwide. Our sales department handles the needs of distributors around the world.

B6 Front Arms Gull Wing - 91673 - Team Associated Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Bascule fata pentru modelele Team Associated Buggy B6 . Modelul Gull Wing ( aripa de pescarus) permite coborarea centrului de greutate al masinii cat mai jos posibil. ATENTIE ! Folosirea...
46,00 RON
B6.2 CVA Axles, +2mm 91859 Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Cap planetare Buggy 2WD cu 2 mm mai lung B6.2 CVA Axles, +2mm
76,00 RON
B6.1 Front Shock Tower, gull-wing, graphite 91768 Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Tower ( suport ) amortizoare fata din carbon pentru automodelele care folosesc bascule de tip "Gull Wing".
126,00 RON
FT 12 mm Threaded Collars - 91304 Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Piulita inaltatoare pentru amortizoare de 12 mm. Cuprinde : Piulite aluminiu 12 mm - 2 buc Oring blocare piulita 12 mm - 2 buc
50,00 RON
12 mm V2 Shock Rebuild 91491 Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Kit de reconstructie a amortizoarelor de 12 mm diametru de la automodelele Buggy 1/10 electric . Contine: V2 Shock Hat Bushing - 12 Buc Red O-Ring ( Oring Rosu) - 8 buc Shock Cap...
60,00 RON
B6 Hinge Pin Set - 91670 Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Set de pini bascule pentru inlocuire in cazul unui accident. Contine : 3x26mm - 2 bucati 3x34mm - 4 bucati 3,5x48mm - 2 bucati
45,00 RON
B6 Steering Assembly - 91667 Buggy 1/10 electric 2wd RC10B6.1 - 6.2 Team Associated
Ansambul directie fata pentru automodelele Team Associated Buggy 2wd RC10B6 .
35,00 RON