Hobbywing technology co LTD was founded in 2005 and is professional in researching and developing electronic products, especially the brushless power systems for RC models.

Hobbywing main products are Sensored and sensorles brushless systems for RC Cars and Brushless systems for aircraft use.

Hobbywing possesses of strong technology, all of the electronic products are based on Hobbywings own intellectual properties. Hobbywing insists on continual technology innovations to keep ahead in the RC industry. Hobbywing executes strict quality control standards to make top quality products. Hobbywing has very good reputation and the brand is accepted by more and more people among hobbyist and racers.

Modul Condensatori Standard 1/10 pentru regulatoarele Hobbywing 86030030 Accesorii ESC - Regulatoare
Modulul standard de condensatori folosit la utilizarea regulatoarelor pentru clasa 1/10 de la Hobbywing
28,00 RON
Set Motor 13,5 T cu Regulator HW Xerun Justock Regulatoare Tensiune (ESC)
Hobbywing Xerun Justock Combo G2.1 and 13 Turn 3200kV for 1:10 Stock. Set electronica pentru competitii la clasa 1/10 Stock . Typ: Brushless Sensor Strom dauer/kurz: ...
480,00 RON
Modul Condensator Electric ( Capacitor) Nonpolarity ESC 30840005 Accesorii ESC - Regulatoare
This capacitor module (/cappack) is for “upgrading” your car ESC. With this cappack, the start-up acceleration of your vehicle will be greatly improved. Besides, the great ripple current endurance...
95,00 RON
Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro G2 160A-2S Regulatoare - ESC - Automodele
eatures: Upgraded 32-bit M4 microprocessor with more powerful processing capability guarantees stable control and rapid response. (Industry's highest 32-bit microprocessor, increased processing...
998,00 RON
Hobbywing XeRun XR10 Pro 1S Regulatoare - ESC - Automodele
Regulatoare de tensiune (ESC) dedicate automodelelor de competitie Aceste regulatoare ofera performante deosebite pentru utilizatori.
950,00 RON
Hobbywing Wifi Express for Xerun, Ezrun and Platinum 30503000 Accesorii ESC - Regulatoare
HOBBYWING WiFi Express module (patent pending) allows you to transfer data between your ESC and your smart device (iPhone, Android phone, tablet, and etc). Features / Why you need this? ...
245,00 RON